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Capturing the Autumn Splendor: Exploring the Enchanting Oak Groves of El Lago de Sanabria with Qualitycarsworld”

Few times are as good to photograph the nature of Spain as autumn. Although for some, these months can be a bit melancholic, the truth is that seeing the forests dyed in all possible shades between yellow and red encourages anyone. On this occasion, Qualitycarsworld delves into the magical oak groves that surround El Lago de Sanabria. We propose a trip to the lake and its surroundings.

Considered a natural site of national interest, being declared a Natural Park in 1978, the attractive Sanabria Lake is the largest lake of glacial origin in the Iberian Peninsula. Let’s see what he hides.

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We left Madrid, towards Coruña, and in about three hours, we began to scan the horizon for the prelude of colors that awaits us Winding road where there are, we cross Puebla de Sanabria, epicenter of everything, El Puente, Galende, Pedrazales, and Ribadelado , on the other shore, San Martín de Castañeda, from where we can enjoy the best views of the lake.

The surroundings of the lake we find an ideal place to go hiking, pick mushrooms, enjoy the tranquility that this wonderful natural environment offers you, practice water sports if the water temperature does not shrink you and of course, enjoy its traditional gastronomy.

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Our recommendation for eating is the Abelardo Restaurant, in Puebla de Sanabria. They offer us an extensive menu in which the Zamora veal chop, cod and a wonderful Octopus a la Sanabresa stand out. All this while enjoying the views from its viewpoint.

Finally, something that is fashionable everywhere, of course, a good gin and tonic. A multitude of gin and tonic brands serve it to us in El España.

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